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Commercial Property Insurance: Losses To Ensure You Are Covered For

When you're ready to invest in insurance coverage for your newly acquired commercial property, it's important to understand the basic risks that you're trying to address. When it comes to commercial property losses, there are a few common claims that insurance companies see, and understanding what they are can help you to ensure that you have sufficient commercial property coverage to protect your business in the event that you experience such a loss.


Whether it's an after-hours break-in or someone stealing from the property during business hours, theft is one of the most common property losses that commercial insurance companies pay out. With the right security infrastructure and alarm systems, you can reduce this risk, but it's important to ensure that your policy includes coverage for these types of losses and that you know what type of inventory or information your insurance company needs to provide reimbursement.

Frozen Pipes Or Water Damage

Winter temperatures have been getting increasingly colder and more business owners are experiencing problems with power outages leading to frozen pipes. While a lot of water damage losses must be addressed with flood insurance, many commercial property insurance policies will extend coverage for frozen pipes and the damage that they cause. Ask your commercial insurance agent about what type of coverage is available for this kind of loss so that you can be sure that your business is protected.

Weather Damage

Wind, hail, and rain are all serious hazards for business owners, especially when you're facing the potential for roofing, structural, or window glass damage as a result. The good news is that most commercial property insurance policies offer coverage for these types of losses, so you won't have to foot the bill yourself.

Slip And Fall Liabilities

One key component of any commercial property policy is liability coverage. If someone should slip and fall or suffer any other injury on your property, your business could be financially ruined without the right insurance coverage. Your commercial insurance agent can help you explore the potential risk factors for your business so that you choose sufficient liability coverage. This is critical for protecting your company's financial security.

These are some of the most common losses that commercial property policies are used for. Talk with your insurance carrier today for more details and to get the coverage that your company needs. After all, the right insurance policy can protect your company from a complete financial disaster.

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