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Finding Better Insurance Plans

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Homeowners Insurance And Dogs: Information That Matters

If you are a dog owner who is also in the market for homeowners' insurance, you must realize that your furry family member can have an impact on your coverage. From the type of coverage you need to obtain to the cost of this coverage, homeowners insurance companies will take into account certain details about your dog and home. Ensure that you are prepared for the process.


The first bit of information you can expect to provide is a classification of the dog's breed. Insurance companies base their policy specifics on risk, and the breed of the dog helps provide general details about the level of risk the animal poses, particularly when it comes to attacks. This information is important because in the event the dog attacks a neighbor, the victim can file suit against your homeowners' insurance. Generally, aggressive breeds will pose greater risks, which can equate to greater costs.  


An insurance company may ask for an account of the dog's history. More specifically — whether the dog has attacked anyone in the past. If there is a history of aggressive behavior, the insurance company can increase coverage costs, and for a lengthy history, deny coverage altogether. Be certain to tell the truth. If there is a police or incident report associated with the previous attack, the insurance company can uncover this information and cancel your policy for falsified information.


Insurance companies believe in rewarding customers who go the extra mile to improve safety. In terms of dog owners, animals who have completed a certified obedience training program or socialization program do not go unnoticed by insurance companies. In some instances, as long as documentation can be provided, the insurance company will take this training into account and this extra step will be reflected in the cost of the policy. The insurance company can tell you which programs they honor.

Home Protective Measures 

Another bit of information that the insurance company is likely to ask about is whether there are any home protective measures installed, such as whether you have a fence. Particularly for owners of aggressive breeds, having a tall, secure fence installed can help them save on their insurance costs. Any measures you have in place that can keep your pet contained should be mentioned to the insurance company.

Each insurance company and its policy guidelines are different. Be sure to ask specific questions with any company you consider for the most accurate information. To learn more about the best home insurance coverage for you and your dog, contact a company such as Bear River Insurance.