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4 Ways To Keep Your Car Insurance Affordable When You Need SR-22 Insurance

If the state determines that you need to get SR-22 insurance, your insurance costs will be more expensive than average, as insurance companies will see you as someone who is risky to provide insurance to. In many cases, when you face serious driving infractions, you will be required to provide an SR-22 certificate to the state for several years. If you find yourself in that situation, you can take steps to keep your premium affordable while getting a SR-22 insurance from the insurance company.

Tip #1: Switch to An Older Car

If you are going to have to request SR-22 insurance from your insurance company for the next two to three years to satisfy the state's requests, you may want to consider changing the vehicle that you own and drive for the time being.

Purchase an older vehicle that you will not have to carry comprehensive or collision coverage on. Just carry the bare minimum insurance on the car.

Driving an older car that you only need to carry the minimum insurance on should help you save a lot of money on your premium while under SR-22 status. When you are no longer under SR-22 status, you can upgrade to a newer car again.

Tip #2: Limit Where You Drive

Second, you may want to limit where you drive. If you tell the insurance company that you will only drive the vehicle on a restricted schedule, such as to and from work, the gas station, and the grocery store, you may be able to enjoy reduced insurance rates.

With this type of coverage, you may be required to report the mileage on your vehicle to ensure you are only driving on the agreed-upon schedule, or you may be asked to install a tracking device in your car. Insurance companies are often willing to reduce your premium if you agree to a restricted driving schedule, as your risk of getting into an accident is significantly reduced when you are not the road that much.

Tip #3: Improve Your Driving

If you need to submit an SR-22 certificate to the state for two or three years, ensure that you avoid getting into any accidents or incurring any more traffic tickets.

Good driving and showing that you are changing your driving habits could allow your premium to decrease over the years, even you are required to submit an SR-22 form to the state.

Tip #4: Shop Around

Just because you are asking for SR-22 insurance coverage doesn't mean you can't shop around. You should shop around with companies known to provide SR-22 forms and see what type of rates you can find.

You will find that some companies will have premiums that are a lot more affordable with other companies. You should still have a choice of carriers, even with the SR-22 requirement, to choose from for your insurance needs.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers SR-22 insurance.