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Can You Buy Auto Insurance If You Do Not Have A Driver's License?

If you currently do not have a valid driver's license but want to purchase car insurance, you might be wondering if this is even possible. Buying car insurance, after all, is something people do for the protection of their vehicles; however, there are situations when people still need or want insurance coverage even if they do not have a license. Here are a few things to understand if you want to buy auto insurance but do not have a valid driver's license.

You do not need a license to buy insurance

There are requirements involved when buying auto insurance; however, it is important to know that there is no rule that says you must have a driver's license in order to buy an auto insurance policy. While it is easier to buy insurance if you have a license, most insurance companies will still offer policies to people without them.

You may have a good reason for wanting the insurance

Secondly, you might be wondering why people without a license would even want insurance coverage, and there are some good reasons to want insurance coverage. A top reason is because a person without a license may still have a car. If a person owns a car and wants coverage on the car, he or she would need auto insurance coverage, even if the person does not plan to drive the car him- or herself. Secondly, you might want auto coverage if you do not have a license to satisfy requirements for SR-22 coverage, which is designed for high-risk drivers and can be something the court orders for you. Additionally, if you own a car and want to loan it out, you may also want to purchase auto insurance for the car.

Your policy costs will be based on a lot of factors

When you purchase a policy without a driver's license, the insurance company will factor in a lot of different things as they calculate a quote for you. First of all, the quote will depend on whether you have a car or not. Secondly, it will depend on your demographics, including your age, gender, and occupation. Finally, they will also factor in other things, including your driving record.

You should understand that you may face some challenges when trying to get insurance without a driver's license, but it is still possible. You can learn more about policy options by contacting an auto insurance agency.