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Does Home Insurance Cover Accidents In Your Driveway?

You probably know that having home insurance is a necessity if you own a house, as it offers protection for your home and belongings, but have you ever wondered if your home insurance covers accidents that happen in your driveway? Home insurance covers a lot of things, and there are times when it covers accidents in your driveway, and here are some things to understand about home insurance and driveway accidents.

It covers accidents from certain things

Home insurance is primarily designed to cover your home and the things you own in it and around it, but it can also cover certain types of accidents that occur in your driveway. For example, if a storm came through and caused a tree to fall on something that you had in your driveway, your home insurance is likely to cover the costs of the damage to that item. If a storm damaged your mailbox, this is another example of something your home insurance may cover.

It does not cover accidents covered by auto insurance

The important thing to know is that it is not the responsibility of your home insurance policy to cover accidents in your driveway that are covered, or could be covered, with auto insurance. For example, if a tree landed on your car, it is not the home insurance company's responsibility to pay for the repairs your car needs. Instead, this would be something you should take up with your car insurance company. If you have comprehensive coverage, this part of your auto insurance policy would pay for the repairs to your car.

Another example is if you backed your car into a parked car that was in your driveway. This type of accident is something you should file a claim for with your auto insurance company, not your home insurance company.

The liability coverage also offers protection

One other thing to know, though, is that home insurance offers liability coverage, and liability coverage is designed for accidents that occur on your property. If a friend comes to your house and slips and falls on the ice, the liability part of your home insurance would cover the damages your friend experiences from this fall.

If you experience any type of accident in your home or driveway, there is a chance your insurance might cover it, but this will depend on the coverage you have with your policy and the type of accident it was. To learn more about other types of coverages for your home, talk to insurance companies like Bishop Insurance Agency.