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After I switched jobs, I knew I would probably be faced with choosing a new insurance policy. I was nervous about the transition, but I knew it had to be better than the plan I had been using at my old job. I started going through the options with the human resources person, and it took me a long time to understand the different options. After a thorough evaluation, I opted for a health savings account, which let me keep a large percentage of what I would normally be paying in premiums every single month. Check out this blog for more information about health insurance plans.

Four Tips For Handling A Hit And Run Car Accident

When you are at an accident that you are not at fault for, it can be extremely frustrating if the other driver has driven away. When this happens, you are involved in a hit and run, in which there is no one taking financial responsibility to pay for your medical costs and repairs to the damages of your vehicle. Here are four tips to help you handle this type of situation:

  1. Take Down as Many Details as Possible: As soon as you have been hit, it's important to remember as many details as you possibly can. If you can read the license plate, write down what letters and numbers you remember. If you can take a picture, even better. Of course, this isn't always possible, in which case, you can also rely on the help of witnesses. Hopefully, someone has stopped at this point in order to provide you with the information you need to track down the driver responsible. When you file a police report, all of this is going to be helpful. 
  2. Call the Police: To further help with writing down details and documenting the evidence, you will want to stay at the scene, if you do not need to be taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries, and call the police. The police will take photos, write down a police report, and try to find other witnesses, including video surveillance around the area to help corroborate your story. 
  3. Check if You Have Uninsured Motorist Insurance: Having uninsured motorist coverage on your insurance policy is a huge help in these situations. Unfortunately, not everyone has this. If you do, however, then your insurance will cover the cost of the damages done from your hit and run. Otherwise, you will have to pay out of pocket until the driver is caught. 
  4. Check for Local Charities: If you are unable to pay for the damages done, you can look for local charities that help people who find themselves in these situations. These charities help drivers involved in hit and run accidents pay for the damages. These are usually charities that help people involved in any type of crime committed against them. You can check online or even through your local church. 

When you consider these four tips for handling a hit and run car accident, you can be sure that even though something wrong was done to you, you can gain something out of it. For more information, contact companies like Kesner Insurance Agency Inc.