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Finding Better Insurance Plans

After I switched jobs, I knew I would probably be faced with choosing a new insurance policy. I was nervous about the transition, but I knew it had to be better than the plan I had been using at my old job. I started going through the options with the human resources person, and it took me a long time to understand the different options. After a thorough evaluation, I opted for a health savings account, which let me keep a large percentage of what I would normally be paying in premiums every single month. Check out this blog for more information about health insurance plans.


Need To Enroll In Medicare This Year? 3 Things You Need To Know

Medicare is the premier way of getting healthcare coverage in the United States once you hit retirement age. If you are just getting to retirement age, it is important to understand how the enrollment process works and the action steps you will need to take to enroll. #1 You Will Work With the Social Security Administration When you sign up for Medicare, you will be working directly with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Read More 

Find The Best Auto Insurance Rates After Marrying By Contacting An Independent Agent

You probably don't want to marry just so you can lower your auto insurance rates, but that's one potential perk of tying the knot. After your wedding, you and your spouse might qualify for reduced premiums. Here why, along with how to find out whether you qualify for better rates. Couples Are Awarded Reduced Auto Insurance Rates According to BloombergBusiness, married couples frequently receive lower auto insurance rates than their single peers because they're not as likely to be involved in an accident. Read More